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Faber Namecastle Watercolor Painting in Pan - Set x 36 colors

Faber's name is Caster

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Faber-castell offers three sets of watercolor pans, water brushes and a detachable blend palette for both beginner and amateur artists. All traditional watercolor techniques can be achieved with high-paint watercolors. Water brush offers that can produce a multitude of, magical effects, is it the perfect companion for painting outdoors or while traveling. Brilliant and bright colors, including metallic and neon, impress users and support them as they bring joy and expression to their creativity.

Product details: 

  • Comes with water brush and detachable palette
  • Brightly coloured and completely soluble in water
  • The perfect blend of light and dark tones
  • High quality paint
  • Removable palette for easy cleaning
  • Brush with good quality water