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Dream Moon Effect 45ml - Color - Top Ten Net Gambling regular platform Malta

Dream Moon Effect 45ml - Color


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All effects are possible: texture, 锤, pearlescent effects; Fantasy Moon colours used over fresh Vitrail or Ceramic colours also give marbled effects. The texture or marble effect is immediately visible. The creamy white and pearly look is perfect for allTen big network gambling regular platformdecoration.If you're looking for original textures and effects and a touch of fantasy? It doesn't get any easier than that!Complete collection with Fantasy Prism...

  • Quality: Textured effects, hammering, pearlescent and milky. Solvent-based, ready to use color. Apply a thin or thick coat with a brush. Good light resistance.
  • Blending: Colors can be blended together.
  • Thick compress dry :2 hours contact, 10 hours completely dry.
  • Ten regular platforms: glass, mirror, terracotta, acetate, ceramic, canvas, metal, wood...
  • Dilution/cleaning: unscented mineral spirits or turpentine.
  • Opacity: Varies according to the thickness of the application. In the thin coat, get milky white gambling ten regular platform processing. In the thick coating, obtain the opaque top ten gambling regular platform.
  • Finished: Smooth
  • Maintenance (regular platform decoration): once dry, color resistance to light washing without soaking. Do not machine wash.

Application program:

Stir the color thoroughly with a stick before use. PEBEO Dream Moon Color: Can be carefully degreased with a flat brush over a thin or thick coatingTen big network gambling regular platform. Can you use a marble effect on a fresh clear color. Can be used with VITRAIL cerne embossed with nozzle. Use of VITRAIL Glitter medium adds glitter effect. For a noticeable marble effect, ceramic colors can be applied in fantasy moon colors.To add a rounded effect to your work, use Gedeo glazing resin. After completely drying (at least 72 hours), apply a coat of Bindex(8 hours drying) to the Fantasy Moon color, then pour Gedeo glazing resin. Objects decorated in "Dream Moon" colors must be considered unique decorative objects, only those that are not intended to come into contact with foodTen big network gambling regular platformCan be decorated. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately and show package or label.