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Mini Studio Case Primary Color - Maiden - Top Ten online gambling regular platform Malta

Mini Atelier Case Primary Color - girly feeling


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The painting kit includes everything needed to learn to paint with a brush, but also accessories such as foam pads, in order to develop other creative possibilities. It is designed specifically for your child to introduce drawing in a fun way. Pebeo's liquid Primary gouache, brightly coloured, is specially designed for children to meet all their requirements. Primary-colored liquids are best for young children who like to try everything, as well as older children who will dip their brushes in a range of bright colors. Primary colors are popular in nurseries and schools, perfect for children's studios, and have many uses at home!

The box includes:

6 tubes 20ml (Rainbow Turquoise, Green, Rainbow pink, yellow, Red and Glitter Red. 

2 Foam Pad 

2 stands, 23 x 23 cm paint 

1 Stickers 17 sheets.6 cm to 7 cm.8 cm 


Creative brochure 1 copy