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Setacolor Expandable Paste - 45ml - Top Ten Net gambling regular platform Malta

Setacolor Expandable Paste - 45ml


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Pebeo's expandable paste makes for spectacularly simple cameo decoration. Color: Apply the paste with a brush and let dry before applying the Setacolor color. For pastel colors, mix the paste to acolor and then apply Setacolor. In both cases, let dry and then expand by ironing the back or heating it in the dryer.


  • Quality: This paste allows you to create decorations in size very simply. After fixation, the volume appears.
  • Ten big network gambling regular platform: most fabrics.
  • Fix: Two possibilities. 1- Using an iron, set the cotton to steam free and wash on the wrong side of the fabric for 5 minutes. 2- Bake in a home oven at 150°C(300°F)(stable temperature) for 5 minutes.
  • Tool cleaning: Soap and water.

Application program:

After drying for 30 minutes, place the decorated fabric on the flannel and iron the back to look silk/wool. The decorations are in place in 15 seconds. If you are using a thin fabric (linen, muslin, etc.).), products can go through it. Iron the back as directed, protecting it with parchment paper or a heavier fabric. Your now enlarged product can be gently cleaned at 40°C