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Model Air Colour 17ml - Part 3 - Top Ten Gambling regular Platform Malta

Model Air Color 17ml - Part 3


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Matte acrylic, water-based, especially suitable for airbrushing. The model Air Color range contains the most complete selection of military colors used in recent history, including World War I colors, World War II to the present. Each color is based onTen big network gambling regular platformAn extensive study of existing and previous military references by experts in order to provide modelers with the highest possible historical accuracy.

Model air used directly or diluted with a Vallejo airbrush thinner or flow improver. It is suggested thatTen big network gambling regular platformPrimer, then apply the Model Air on several layers. The colors dry very quickly, resulting in an even paint film with extraordinary resistance while retaining the minimal detail of the model. For airbrush these colors, compressor air pressure is recommended at 15-20 PSI or 0.5 ~ 1公斤. Model air can of course be applied with a brush. In order to maintain the gun properly,Ten big network gambling regular platformA Vallejo spray cleaner is recommended.

Model air is non-flammable and solvent free.