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J.Herbal Scented Ink Gift Set of 5 - Top Ten Online gambling regular platform Malta

J.Herbal Scented Ink Gift Set 5

J. Harbin City

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In 1700 AD, M. Herpin created "Inky Treasure" in his small shop on Rue de Force in Saint-Germain, Paris. J. Therefore, the Harbin brand is the world's oldest name for quality pen ink. J. Herbal inks are pH neutral and are pen inks composed of all natural dyes. This delicate balance of natural composition and composition is the essence of any good quality ink.

J. Herbal Scent Sampling Pack Bottled Ink includes x5 10ml bottles of Scent ink. 

Inks include:

  • Lavender scented blue
  • Green apple aromas
  • Amber orange
  • Red with fragrance of rose
  • A violet with a violet scent

Carefully crafted, these scented inks are inspired by a 19th century Italian tradition. J. Harbin and other manufacturers used to collect different scents from the perfume industry and add them to their inks.

The inks are lightly scented and come in elegant semi-frosted bottles. They have a natural scent and no pigment, so they are perfect for fountain pens.

J. Herbaceous ink is made from rose water (hydrosol), orange, lavender, apple, and violet flowers. J. Harbin hails from Grasse, a Provence town that has long been associated with the perfume industry and is known for its floral scent.