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Cappuccino Book 120g


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On light brown paper, the sketchbook is reminiscent of a fresh frothy cappuccino. Therefore, it is ideal for warm colors. On this background, the colors stand out and are soft. By setting white accents, you can create fantastic contrast. 

Smooth grass drawings, with its closed curved surfaces, are perfect for using India ink, pens and acrylic markers, as well as other water-based pens with minimal wear.

The dark brown sketchbook cover is comfortable in your hand. It has a strong texture, a fine texture, and feels like real wood. Stapled in several layers and stitched with thread, all pages are secured, allowing the artist to work on both pages, through the middle seam. A brown bookmark ribbon completes the premise quality feature.

Available A5 and A4, 120gsm, 40 pages /80 pages.