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Liquid Gold Acrylic 30ml

Golden artist color

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Equal in strength to gold heavy body acrylics, but with uniformity, suitable for flow characteristics of dry brushes, detailing, pouring, spraying (especially when mixed with gold airbrush media), dyeing techniques and many other techniques.

The fluid is made by loading acrylic polymer adhesives with concentrated levels of premium pigments to a wide selection of permanent and light resistant colors. No fillers or extenders are added to achieve the desired consistency, and fluid quality cannot be achieved by adding water. Gold liquid acrylic has the same pigment load as heavy acrylic, but has about the same viscosity as heavy cream. The liquid allows for smooth application while maintaining color intensity, tint power, film integrity, and adhesion.

Liquid mixes easily with all acrylic colors and easily coloring gels, cultures-plaster and ground. Fluid acrylic is extremely versatile and perfect for fine brushstrokes, glazing, dyeing, water media techniques and more. Mixing liquid acrylic with airbrush medium is used for airbrush applications in artwork including textiles.