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Vitrail Stained Glass Clear Paint 45ml Ten Big Net Gambling regular platform Malta

Glass Color Clear Paint 45ml


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You've always liked stained glass... Why not make your own? Pebeo's transparent colors make this brilliant art open to all.  You can easily mimic lead strips of stained glass Windows using self-adhesive lead strips, combined with clear colors, to create strikingly beautiful light effects. 

  • Quality: Transparent, intense and very bright color. Solvent-based, ready to use. Colors can be mixed together. Good light resistance. Used with Cerne emboss.
  • Top ten gambling regular platform: glass, polyester, acetate
  • Color mixability: Can be mixed together.
  • Drying time :2 hours to touch, 10 hours after completely dry. Drying times can vary depending on the thickness of the application, as well as the temperature and humidity of the room in which the product is used.
  • Dilute: unscented mineral alcohol or liquor.
  • Transparency: Transparent color
  • Care (for decorative fabrics): After drying, the color can be lightly washed without soaking.
  • Tool cleaning: Odorless mineral alcohol or liquor, then rinse with soap and water.

Application program:

Pebeo's Vitrail color is applied with a brush to all carefully degreased transparencyTen big network gambling regular platform: Glass, acetic acid, polyester, Plexiglas. 26 "Antique" Vitrail color is dense and very transparent. 装饰Ten big network gambling regular platformGood hardness. To mimic stained glass, use Vitrail colors with Cerne embossed Outlines. Before using Vitrail colors, they used nozzles directly from the tube. Vitrail colours can also be used with bath technology. Always clean the brush thoroughly with white spirits or unscented mineral spirits, then rinse with soapy water, with Pebeo's Pebeo mixed media technique is ideal. A coat of Bindex is recommended before using Gedeo Gaze resin (8 hours dry on fully dried Vitrail color (minimum 72 hours)).