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Ceramic Paint 45ml - Ten Big Net gambling regular platform Malta

Ceramic Paint 45ml - Color


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Since ancient times, civilized people have been fond of using ceramics to decorate objects and tell their history. The 28 colors of ceramics will enable you to create fantastic decorative effects on terracotta, ceramic or ceramic, and it's your turn to tell your story.

  • Quality: Opaque, very glossy (lacquered), solvent-based color, ideal for decorative ceramics. They can also be used on terracotta and wood (after the first application layer fill primer), or even on canvas. Good light resistance. The colors can be mixed together.
  • Dry: Touch for 2 hours. Dry completely after 10 hours. Drying times may vary depending on the thickness of the application and the temperature and humidity of the room in which the product is used.
  • Top ten gambling regular platform: clay, ceramic, pottery, wood, canvas, metal...
  • Diluent: Unscented mineral alcohol or liquor can be used.
  • Care (finish): After drying, these colors are scratch-resistant and do not soak when washed in cold water. Anti-window cleaner. Items decorated in ceramic colors should not be used for everyday use or come into contact with food. Ceramics are only used for decoration.
  • Brush Clean: unscented mineral alcohol or liquor. Rinse with soap and water. 

Application program:

Ceramic colors are ideal for terracotta and pottery, and can also be used for lacquer finishes: plastic, wood, metal, glass, canvas... Maximize application to porousTen big network gambling regular platformFor brightness, it is recommended to apply, before painting, a coat of ceramic filler primer. In the circleTen big network gambling regular platformBe careful not to overload to avoid streaks. Ceramic colors can be used with brushes, sponges, stencils, bath techniques...Ceramic colors are ideal for PEBEO's mixed media technology. Before using Gedeo GazingResin, it is recommended to apply a coat of Bindex(8 hours dry) to fully dried ceramic paint (minimum 72 hours). A thick enough layer of color can be combined with other media, such as sand or carved with a stick. Ceramic colors can be used with Dream Moon colors to create a marble effect.