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Gedeo Bio-Based Glass Resin Kit 45ml


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This kit is ideal for starting your creative campaign with epoxy. The professional range of this bio-based resin is an inexhaustible source of creativity. This 40% bioderived resin is safer and more environmentally friendly than other glass resins.

Use on flat surfaces, such as cards, photos, postcards, canvases, etc. Pebeo Bioglass resin creates a glossy, clear, bubble-free and enamelled look that finishes in your work, adding texture and a slight magnification effect. This makes it ideal for card making, badge making, boxes, mementos and scrapbooking. Perfect mix of media art. Easy to use and creates perfectly rounded edges. Set quickly and harden as it dries.

The semi-liquid texture of the glazing resin is ideal to ease flat surfaces, but will also allow you to paint by working with pipettes.

Kit contains :2 part resin system (1 x 30ml resin and 1 x 15ml hardener), protective gloves, wooden whisk and instructions.

Product description:

  1. Make sure your countertop is level and get a stopwatch.
  2. Place in A dry, clean container and pour 1 part B glaze hardener, followed by 2 parts A glaze resin. Start stopwatch.
  3. Mix the two ingredients well until they reach the corners of the container (incomplete mixing does not guarantee hardening and stirring too hard can create bubbles). Transfer the mixture to a second container for mixing again to ensure uniformity and optimal mixing of the resin. Depending on the Quantity prepared, the blending operation may take up to 5 minutes.
  4. Mixing and waiting time before pouring should not exceed 10 minutes. Pour the whole prepared mixture over the substrate of your choice.
  5. Allow to dry in a dust-free environment for 6 hours. Setting time varies with ambient temperature.

Gedeo Tips:

  • Protect countertops with plastic sheeting.
  • When the mixture becomes transparent, it is uniform.
  • To know the glaze resin covering 1mm thick ten big network gambling regular platform
  1. It is estimated to cover the ten network gambling regular platform, the unit is centimeters squared.
  2. Divide the resulting value by 10, which gives a thickness of 1 mm of the cast resin
  3. Results The amount of resin prepared in milliliters was determined

Covering 2 mm thickTen big network gambling regular platform, multiply the first result by 2(or divide by the resulting surface).

  • If necessary, use a spatula to spread the product around the edges.
  • Top Ten regular gambling platforms recommend that you apply a Bindex sheen to protect your work 24 hours before applying biogenic glazing resin.