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Pebeo Setacolor Opaque Fabric Paint 45ml - Color - Top Ten Net Gambling Regular Platform Malta

Pebeo Setacolor Opaque Fabric Paint 45ml - Color


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23 kinds of water base color, opaque, high pigment content.


  • Quality: Water base color, used to decorate dark, thin or thick fabrics.
  • Top Ten Web gambling regular platform: Most thin or thick fabric, natural or synthetic fibers, pre-washed.
  • Drying time: Air dry for 1 hour
  • Dilution: Prepare to use color.
  • Transparency: Transparent color
  • Ten network gambling regular platform: no light, opaque, covering
  • Fixation: There are two possibilities :1) Hold the cotton in place with an iron, No steam, 5分钟, on the reverse side of theFabric; 2) In the oven, Let stand at 150°C(300°F)(stable temperature) for 5 minutes.
  • Care (for decorative fabrics): After setting, these colors can be machine washed and hand washed at 40°C(100°F). Drum drying and dry cleaning are not recommended.
  • Tool cleaning: Soap and water.

Application program:

Stir before use. Opaque colors can be used on all pre-washed fabrics: cotton, wool, mesh, Jersey, velvet, jacquard knitting, polyester, mixed fibers, and even leather. They can be diluted pure or with water to get a watercolor look. Their rich texture is particularly suitable for a variety of textile decorative techniques: using paint brushes, making drip things, stamps, screen printing painting stencils... When the Setacolor agent is applied, additional effects can be obtained, multiplying the technique. To repair the Setacolor color, iron the back of the upholstery cloth in the cotton place for 5 minutes without steam. Fabric can also be placed in the kitchen oven. After 5 minutes at 150°C(300°F), the color is fixed. Once fixed, the color will not be machine washed.