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Watercolor painting & Ink painting Course for Adults (Beginner/Intermediate)- Malta's top 10 online gambling platform

Watercolor painting & Ink Painting Course for Adults (Introductory/Intermediate)

School of Art,Mosta

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Beginner/intermediate courses Watercolor painting & Ink painting course for adults introduced Students enter a creative world, seeking new ways to explore and discover innovations that not only improve one's way of thinking, but how to find new ways to develop visual thinking.

Through this course, although various methods will be applied in drawing, the student will learn to use a pen & Ink that has an additional use in watercolor paintings

The class will be led by Mr. Joseph CasapintaHe is one of Malta's famous watercolour artists.

This course is suitable for students who already have a foundation in painting and want to learn more about pen and watercolor painting, or intermediate students who want to improve their watercolor and ink skills. Art groups are small, with a maximum of 12 students per class, to ensure individual attention and guidance. 

  • Lesson 1: Introduction & 材料
  • Lesson 2: Composition
  • Lesson Three: Light and Shadow
  • Lesson four: Angle
  • Lesson Five: Portraits & 人
  • Lesson Six: Stroke and watercolor techniques and forms of landscape painting
  • Lesson Seven: Personalized project
  • Lesson 8: Other forms of mixed Media
  • Lesson 9: Course Projects
  • Lesson 10: Air Purification Lesson (Outdoor)

Course details

  • Research methods: Once a week (2 hours per class)
  • Duration: 10课
  • Every Tuesday from 5 o 'clock.30点7.30pm
  • Start Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2022
  • 地点: Academy of Arts (131 Constitution Street, Mosta, Malta)
  • 要求: Age 16 +, art materials
  • 包括: Hands-on teaching and personal attention

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