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Pre-o-level (Age 12 +)- Module 4 - Malta's Top 10 Online gambling platform

Pre-o-level (12 +)- Unit 4

School of Art,Mosta

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This exciting course is designed to teach young people (ages 12 +) to prepare for their own art o levels, whether they intend to choose art at school or want to prepare privately for exams. This course is designed to teach students basic artistic techniques and experiment with different media through exciting and colourful themes. Students will also learn how to develop their portfolio and develop their order of work. With the help of a mentor, participants' confidence increased when they claimed greater control and enjoyment over the direction of their work. The origins of experimentation and ideas are complemented by a solid artistic foundation. 

This course is one of four modules with 10-12 lessons in each module. After completing all 4 modules, in which different material is covered, students will have the necessary foundation to proceed O-Level Art Class -Level 1 (Age 13 +) At art college. The four modules do not need to be studied in any particular order. 

Course details

  • Research methods: Once a week (2 hours per class)
  • Duration: 10课
  • 价格: €120 per semester (10 lessons)
  • Every Wednesday from 5 o 'clock.45点7.45pm
  • Next start Date: Starting October 5, 2022 (Module 4)
  • 要求: Students are required to bring their own materials
  • 包括: Hands-on teaching, individual attention, combination of practice and theory, course work guidance.
  • 认证: Students will be accredited if their completion rate reaches 80% Informal learning And give them an informal education form signed and sealed by the college.

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