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Photography beginners course

School of Art,Mosta

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The adult photography course at the School of Art (beginner to intermediate) is directed by Mr Christopher Azzopardi, an international award-winning photographer who has won Malta Photographer of the Year for several consecutive years.

This course Covering both theoretical and practical aspects in detail, the lecturer gives practical tips that can't be learned from any textbook. This gives all art school photography students an artistic and technical edge. 

Photography classes for adults are Designed for beginner/intermediate photographers and hobbyists who want to make the most of their camera. 

  • Lesson One: Introduction to photography
  • Lesson Two: Composition in photography
  • Lesson 3: Exposure (Part 1)
  • Lesson 4: Exposure (Part 2)
  • Lesson Five: Lighting
  • Lesson 6: Outdoor Photography (Mdina) (Held on Saturday morning)
  • Lesson Seven: Outdoor Photography (Valletta) (Held on Saturday morning)
  • Lesson 8: Portrait Photography
  • Lesson 9: Photographing Translucent objects
  • Lesson 10: Critique Lesson

Course details

  • Learning style: 10 times in 8 weeks (2 hours per class)
  • Duration: 8周
  • 地点: Academy of Arts (131 Constitution Street, Mosta, Malta)
  • 导师: Christopher Zepadi (B.Ed(honor).),用. Fine Art, AMIPP, AMPS)
  • 要求: Age 16 +, digital camera (SLR or no reflector)
  • 包括: Practical teaching, personal concerns, practice and theory, different lighting, portrait sessions for models, outdoor sessions, and certifications.

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