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Acrylic Painting Beginners (adult) course - Top Ten Net gambling regular platform Malta

Acrylic Painting Beginner Course (Adult)

School of Art,Mosta

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The Acrylic Painting Course for Beginners is a comprehensive painting course designed to instruct an absolute beginner's level in the production of high quality acrylic painting through a variety of themes. Designed for beginners, this course lays the foundation needed for success with acrylic and painting in general.

Students are guided through a series of logical sequence of course topics, building on the last one, covering the following topics:

Lesson One: Introduction to acrylic

第2课:Ten big network gambling regular platform(准备Ten big network gambling regular platform, Acrylic Alla Base and Mix)

Lesson 3: Paints and Tools (Color forms, mixing colors, etc.)

Lesson 4: Still Life - Monochrome

Lesson 5: Still Life Painting - Color

Lesson Six: Palette knife painting

Lesson Seven: Landscape painting

Lesson 8: In otherTen big network gambling regular platformTop painting

Lesson 9: Art Projects

Lesson 10: Open Class Workshop

The class will be led by Mr. Joseph CasapintaHe is one of Malta's leading artists.

This course is suitable both for students who already have a basic knowledge of painting and for students who want to learn more about acrylic painting. Art groups are small, with a maximum of 12 students per class, to ensure individual attention and guidance. 

  • Research methods: Once a week (2 hours per class)
  • Duration: 10课
  • From 5 o 'clock on Tuesday.30点7.30pm
  • Start Date: Tuesday, March 28, 2023
  • 地点: Academy of Arts (131 Constitution Street, Mosta, Malta)
  • 要求: Age 16 +, art materials
  • 包括: Hands-on teaching and personal attention