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Drawing in 10 Steps: Comics

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Create beautiful comic book characters and animals in 10 easy steps

If you love drawing comics but don't know where to start, this is the book for you! 

Drawing in 10 Steps: Comics Can help you turn simple shapes into beautiful comics in 10 steps.

Create more than 30 different portraits, from the cute Chibi Man to the colorful comic unicorn, according to the instructions inside.

Learning to draw has never been so easy!

Table contents

How to use the book

Facial features
Front base eye 10, basic eye 12, lovely eye 14, cool eye 16, front nose 18, Outline nose 19, front mouth 20, Outline mouth 21

Comic face
Positive female face 24, Front male face 26, Cutaway female face 28, Male facial outline 30, Lovely Feminine Faces 32, Cute Male Faces 34, Cool Female Faces 36, Cool Guy Face 38, More women in their 40s, More Male Faces 42, Comic Expressions 44

Chibi style
Front Chibi Eye 48, outline red lip eye 50, front Chibi face 52, side red face 54, Variations: red face 56, facial expression: red face 58

Manga body
'62 Female Body, Male BODY 64, Chibi Body 66, Open Hand 68, 收手70, 臂72, Muscular arms 74, 腿76, Muscle Leg 78, Side foot 80, 前脚81, Feet: Sneakers 82, Feet: High heels 84, Feet: Boots 85

Whole body position
In 1988, women stood at 90, men stood at 92, women sat at 94, men sat at 96, and Chibi sat at 98

102 years of Manga Mermaid, 104 years of Manga Vampire, Little Princess 106, Prince of Chibi 108, Student of Manga 110, Chibi Kimono Girl 112, Chibi Guide 114

Cartoon animals
Cat 118, dog 120, rabbit 122, parrot 124, unicorn 126

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